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Green economy promotes trillions of industrial environmental protection equipment to be "top-notch"
release time : 2019-11-19 read : 3234
Environmental protection industry is a strong support for green development, and environmental protection equipment is the core strength of the whole industry, which means that under the trillion halo of environmental protection industry, the market of environmental protection equipment will continue to flourish. In modern society, "green" has gradually become a rigid demand for living conditions, so it is not difficult to imagine what opportunities the products belonging to the category of environmental protection will face.

The environmental protection work in water pollution control, air pollution control, soil pollution control, solid waste treatment and other fields has been promoted, and the demand for relevant environmental protection equipment has increased in a straight line. The extension of the industrial chain has brought more commodity value, and the environmental protection equipment industry is rapidly helping all walks of life to complete the transformation of new and old driving forces.

Not only the government's environmental treatment projects need equipment, but also the industrial energy conservation and emission reduction needs equipment. Even in the civil market, there are also related burst payments such as water purifier, air purifier, portable formaldehyde detector, etc. It can be seen that the definition of environmental protection equipment industry is no longer limited to the professional environmental protection equipment, such as sewage treatment equipment, VOCs monitor, hazardous waste treatment equipment, etc., and its coverage is further expanded.

No wonder, many people say that environmental protection equipment is almost everywhere, whether in industrial production or in daily life. However, this silent "penetration" brings more enterprises and capital chasing. According to the public statistics, the total output value of environmental protection equipment industry has an average annual growth of about 15-20%.

The guidance on accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology clearly states that by 2020, the output value of environmental protection equipment industry will reach trillions. According to the notice on printing and distributing the preferential catalogue of enterprise income tax for special equipment for energy conservation, water conservation and environmental protection (2017 version), 24 environmental protection equipment can enjoy 10% tax credit.

All kinds of favorable policies are paving the way for the environmental protection equipment industry and encouraging environmental protection enterprises to join the team of environmental protection equipment design, R & D, manufacturing and innovation. Of course, the release of policy dividend also means that the smoke of gunpowder is getting stronger. Therefore, it is urgent to adapt to the trend of industrial development, improve the core competitiveness of domestic enterprises, and grasp the key direction of environmental protection equipment in the future.

For example, under the influence of the national haze control battle, desulfurization and denitrification equipment, VOCs detection equipment, dust removal equipment, air purifier, etc. all have very promising development prospects. In the aspect of water environment comprehensive treatment, the demand for underground pipe gallery transformation continues to rise, the market of sludge treatment equipment is bullish, the heat of membrane treatment equipment and components is improved, and household water purifiers are full of brilliance.

Of course, the environmental protection equipment industry has some problems to overcome. For example, how to prevent the vicious competition of low price under the condition of such fierce competition in the industry; how to step up on the weak link of key technology; how to cultivate more leading enterprises when the industry scale is generally small, etc.

Therefore, the industry insiders remind us to focus on the industrial chain and promote the deep integration of environmental protection equipment with intelligence, data and systematization. In addition, enterprises still need to keep abreast of international cutting-edge technologies and develop more high-end environmental protection equipment. For the decentralized situation of environmental protection equipment enterprises, more industrial parks can be established to form a cluster effect.

To sum up, the trillion output value of environmental protection equipment is still in the pot. If you want to get it into the bowl, you must obviously follow the demand and move towards the future. Which field is hot? Waste gas treatment, sewage treatment and environmental monitoring are all hot. Which direction is not wrong? Intelligence, systematization and data are the general trend. In 2018, environmental protection special equipment is expected to generate more than 350 billion yuan of revenue. When will it be?
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