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Sludge treatment industry starts from production mode again and enters harvest period
release time : 2019-11-19 read : 3156
The analysis shows that the industrial development trend of sludge treatment products has become clear. With the influx of capital and breakthrough in the research and development of harmless treatment technology, sludge treatment time led by the activation of industrial chain will rise rapidly in the next few years, which brings development prospects to upstream and downstream enterprises in related fields.

Sludge treatment industry starts from production mode again and enters harvest period

Around the "resource-based and harmless", traditional sludge treatment service providers seek new forms, and cross-border people seek new technologies. A change in business model is quietly taking place in the sludge treatment industry, and sludge productization has entered the actual landing period from the vision. At the same time, the insiders pointed out that the organic integration of output and supply is the direction of sludge treatment. The key of this "transformation and upgrading" rather than "overthrow and redo" of the traditional application mode lies in opening up the overall industrial chain, making good use of the supply chain and channel coverage in the downstream, making good use of new technologies in the upstream, and jointly pushing forward the transformation of sludge treatment from simple environmental treatment to far interaction.

At present, sludge treatment has been transferred from product centered to market-oriented, and it is changing from simple treatment effect and cost to user centered whole station service scheme, market experience and Internet platform improvement. Under the mode of resource utilization, the boundary of each link in the industrial chain is gradually blurred, but the market wind direction dominated by demand has always been the primary criterion for the industry to follow.

The key of sludge treatment industry is to improve technology application process and optimize industrial chain integration. With the development of water treatment technology and big data, many sludge treatment enterprises are actively promoting this area, trying to use these technologies to solve some inherent pain points. In the process of improving the efficiency and experience of traditional sludge treatment through technical means, "productization" has been implemented from blueprint to a new business model to drive the industrial chain forward, providing more efficient and environmental friendly green experience for the demand side.

Sludge productization is landing in more and more industries in China in multiple forms. Organic biogas fertilizer, coupled power generation, dried mud cake, etc. are successively on the scene. Deep dehydration, low-temperature evaporation and drying, aerobic fermentation, from the source of pollution control to the transmission stage to the application of products, all links are gradually showing the industrial prototype. New consumer market is being developed for the whole plate, and also for governance The target brings the overall solution, and new growth points are emerging.

The advantages of traditional platform enterprises are technological resources, industrial supply chain and brand value, while the advantages of cross-border enterprises lie in the integration of capital, commercial efficiency and new formats. The cooperation between the two is not only the adjustment and transformation of traditional sludge treatment enterprises, but also the integration of resource advantages of both sides to jointly promote the development of sludge treatment. With the continuous growth of demand in various fields, the rapid rise of sludge dewatering, waste heat drying and harmless treatment, the integration of sludge treatment enterprises and cross-border persons will be the development trend of sludge treatment industry.

Through development is to make use of sludge treatment technology and business model application. On the one hand, strengthen the advantages of traditional sludge treatment in regional coverage, supply chain and governance effectiveness, on the other hand, solve the pain points of traditional sludge treatment service providers in industrial chain obstruction, product upgrading, market loss and capital impact. Turning single sludge treatment into two-way interactive integrated development, the realization path will be through the triple combination of technology, quality and experience, focusing on sludge treatment equipment manufacturing and opening up the upstream and downstream, building and exporting sludge resources and specialization, and building a variety of product channels.

Industry insiders pointed out that up to now, sludge treatment enterprises have given full play to their technological and data advantages, laid out visible and tangible sludge products, upgraded the traditional assembly line format, and developed the industrial chain smoothly. At the same time, the difficulty of sludge product development lies in the obstruction of such an industrial chain. The application of productization brings a lot of new opportunities for traditional sludge treatment, but the process, technical route and business model of traditional industrial chain restrict the development and implementation of productization to a certain extent.
But in any case, in fact, productization should return to the essence of sludge treatment - to meet the new demand of water environment treatment. The key to meet this demand is to grasp the two core points of improving sludge treatment efficiency and how to properly dispose sludge. In addition, whether the internal service mechanism, application form and treatment technology of the traditional sludge treatment industry meet the needs of sludge productization, and whether they can adapt to the transformation situation of the new normal is particularly crucial.
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