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HPL Production Line 

HPL is one kind of fire-proof material, used for surface decoration. The feature of HPL has decorative, colorful and specific design, as well as its easily process, so it is widely used in interior decoration. The core layer is made by the phenolic resin impregnated paper, and the surface layer is made by amino resin impregnated Kraft paper, glue together under the heat and pressure (no less than 5MPa), the first or second piece of paper has decorative colors or pictures.


The function of HPL: it is widely used in airport, station, hospital, bank, plant, office, department store, KTV, restaurant, hotel, ballroom, residence, as well as in vehicle and ship, fireproof door, the safe cabinet, the area which stipulated by the fire agent ect., to suspended ceiling, partition, decoration.


The performance feature of HPL:
1.    Fireproof, heatproof, soundproof: it has noninflammability and excellent heat insulation fire retardant.
2.    Fireproof, resistance to moisture, little deformation rate. It will not warping deformation when put it in water for a long time.
3.    Light, intensity high, good toughness: easily move, cut, design and construct.
4.    Environmental protection: non-asbestos, methanol-free, no radioactive material. It won the national brand of fireproof and environmental material.


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